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Dear Community & Town Councils,

We are pleased to share some important updates with you all.

We have planned a series of Webinars which we welcome you to join. Each Webinar will take one of the key Cost-of-Living Crisis areas that have been highlighted as an area of need in your communities. Your input via the Cost-of-Living Survey and the feedback sessions we ran has been key in shaping these sessions to address the most important Cost of Living Challenges that your communities face. 


 'Is the Cost-of-Living Crisis Over?'

Thursday 23 May 2024 10-11.30am (Past Event)

We answer this in the first of our Cost of Living Crisis Webinars. We will share some of the key statistics from Citizens Advice & the survey you responded to and welcome guests from Blaenavon Town Council & Darran Valley Community Council to share the support they have been providing to meet these ongoing challenges.

Resources from the Webinar 

Cost of Living Crisis Project Team Presentation 

Blaenavon Town Council Community Initiatives Presentation

Blaenavon Town Council Community Events Posters

Darran Valley Community Council Community Initiatives Presentation

'Is The Cost of Living Crisis Over' Webinar Recording 

'A Guide to Community Transport'

Tuesday 18th June 2024 2.00-3.30pm - (Past Event) 

Join us for a journey into the world of Community Transport with speakers from the Community Transport Association and Dolen Teifi Community Transport. Plus, hear inspiring case studies from councils like yours who've successfully implemented transport initiatives.

These webinars offer more than just discussions; they provide valuable knowledge and insights. Join us to explore these important topics, enhancing your council's understanding with expert advice and practical solutions.

Resources from the Webinar

Community Transport Association Presentation 

Llanfair Clydogau and Cellan Community Council  Presentation

'A Guide to Youth Engagement’ 

Monday 8th July 2024 10.00am-11.30am REGISTER NOW Online Webinar

We will be joined by guest speaker Tom Moses from Planed, and we will also hear case studies from councils like yours who have successfully been involved in youth engagement activities and the delivery of youth services including Offa Community Council.

Councils Connect – Community Transport

Friday 19th July 2024 10.30am-12.00pm - REGISTER NOW Online Meeting

As Community Transport proved to be an area of great interest for many of you, we will be exploring this topic further through a dedicated ‘Council Connect’ session.

Participants can share their experiences, challenges, and effective strategies. We hope to foster a community of support and collective problem-solving.

Join us to share experiences, discuss challenges, and gain valuable insights from fellow council members. Plus here from Councils who have successful implemented Community Transport initiatives in their communities.

Emma & Angela
One Voice Wales: Cost of Living Crisis Team