William Mann

 William has enjoyed an extensive career in HMRC specialising in Local Authority VAT legislation and policy and as a freelance consultant offers an inclusive approach to help to avoid errors and the pitfalls of penalties.

For many years William was also a community councillor and understands the issues and problems that local authorities are faced with when budgets are incorrectly devised and incur unanticipated costs.

HMRC no longer perform the regular and routine audit checks that once offered some reassurance that the VAT regulations are being applied correctly and so now authorities can often be unaware that errors are being made.

Getting the VAT wrong can mean an increase in costs of up to 20% and a further penalty based on the VAT value if the error is not declared! These are issues that can jeopardise current and future projects if the VAT implications are not understood properly.

William believes in a proactive approach that will identify VAT problem areas before they arise and deal with past errors in a way that can often avoid the imposition of penalties.